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Trendster X Rise Up Summit 2019

Trendster is pleased to announce that, for the first time ever, it is collaborating with RiseUp to offer startups an unmissable opportunity to launch their brands in the public arena and get the necessary kick-start to thrive!

Trendster has organised a competition whereby entrants can win the chance to showcase their companies to wide and diverse audiences through some of Egypt’s most popular influencers! The details of the competition are as follows:

What is it?

Trendster is offering companies the opportunity to raise awareness of their brands to niche audiences through the influence of social media. Trendster's Digital Pitch aims to highlight and showcase Egypt's rising, innovative brands, and allow them to tap into new audiences.

Participants will pitch their concept and mission in a 1-minute long video to Trendster Influencers, with 10 being selected by each influencer to share on their Instagram page.

When and how to take part?

Companies can opt in by making an eye-catching 1-minute pitch and posting it to their Instagram page, with the hashtag: #TrendsterRiseUp

The competition is currently active and will run until the last day of the RiseUp Summit, December 7th 2019.

How does it benefit companies?

Utilising influencers’ reach allows companies to spread the word about themselves to a generation that is becoming increasingly indifferent towards conventional media and wouldn’t otherwise hear about them.

Through this competition, companies can also realise the full breadth of social media's utility in raising awareness of their brand.

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