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Trendster's Annual Secret Santa

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Christmas is almost upon us and, sure enough, the festive spirit of coming together and embracing common ground is permeating the air! In celebration of this joyful and exciting season, Trendster has organised a virtual Secret Santa for the second year running, and what better way to embrace common ground than to gather Egypt’s stars to participate in everyone’s favourite Christmas game. Last year’s Secret Santa saw the biggest names in Egyptian pop culture participate in what is perhaps the first Secret Santa variation of its kind.

Trendster’s Secret Santa is virtually the same as the traditional version of the game where each person in a group of people is assigned someone from within that group to whom they give a gift, without anyone knowing who is buying their gift until all the gifts are unwrapped at a specified date. Trendster’s take on it however sees the game carried out solely on Instagram, with some of Egypt’s most recognised celebrities and influencers buying gifts for each other and recording videos of themselves unwrapping their gifts to broadcast on their Instagram stories. The activity gained widespread attention when it was first introduced last year after it had amassed a total reach of around 10 million people. It was particularly popular amongst the participants’ collective social media audiences as they saw famous public figures interact on a personal and genuine affair that they wouldn’t otherwise see in mainstream media.

With this year’s Secret Santa having grown considerably from last year, the number of participants has risen from 35 to 66, almost doubling. The total reach has hence also drastically increased, going from around 10 million people to a whopping 25 million. Participants this year include the likes of: Amina Khalil, Engy Wegdan, Tamer Hashem, Lara Scandar, Ola Rushdy, Nour Abu Ela, and more! The list has already made us curious to see what gifts will be sent and the level of creativity each participant will add to theirs. Quite a few stood out last year, with Yousra El Lozy gifting Amina Khalil a donation to her favourite animal shelter, Hesham Mansour gifting Coucla Refaat a toy guitar to practice her amazing musical talents, Marc Bahoury gifting Farah Nofal a book titled ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck’, and Malak Badawii gifting Asma Galal a pillow with Wael Jassar and Asma’s faces in the shape of a heart.

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