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How Can Influencers Maintain Their Fans' Trust?

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

With the explosion of influencer marketing, social media users, especially millennials, have become more aware of what’s happening inside the growing business. This has definitely led to followers being more doubtful of the information they get exposed to on the web. Not just that, but people started to become really picky about who to follow and which posts to engage with.

Unlike celebrities, influencers have exerted so much effort into building a strong relationship with their followers. Even though influencer marketing is revolutionizing the marketing world as we know it, the growing consumer awareness raises some concerns.

After all, no influencer would want to put their personal brand at stake.

That leaves us with one highly important questions that we’re here to answer, how can influencers maintain their fans’ trust?


First and foremost, authenticity has proved to be the most fundamental cornerstone of the influencer-follower relationship. Do not promote something you do not believe in; you can take that as a rule of thumb.

"Do not mention a brand or a product within context just because you’re being paid to do so. Do it because you would have done it anyway, or if you feel like you would continue doing this even after the partnership is over. "

If you stay true to yourself and to your followers, they’ll keep on trusting you and your opinion will remain valid.


Another key factor is picking clients that are relevant to your niche. Remember, a brand is paying you to reach your followers, but would it be of any use to either parties if they’re not the correct target audience? No, your followers won’t be interested and your client won’t reach any potential customers. To top all of that, your fans might feel you’re using them to get some extra cash. How to avoid that? It’s simple, relevance! According to a study by Crowdtap, 44% of influencers in a survey said that the biggest motivation for them to work with a brand is it’s relevance to their audience. If the product or service you’re promoting is truly useful to your followers, then it would feel more like advice or an honest review. Remember when we talked about authenticity? You must be honest! Only then, your followers will feel appreciated rather than being part of a trade game. You win, they win, the client wins, everybody wins.

Putting fans first

At the end of the day, an influencer's business is never successful without their followers; that’s where the true value lies. Thus, the smart, and decent, way to deal with this is to always put your followers’ interest first. Give it a thought before you partner up with a brand and ask yourself, does this add value to my followers overall experience? If the answer is yes, then go for it. Trust isn’t something that’s built overnight, it takes quite a long time, maybe years, but it can also be sabotaged with a single poorly-thought-through decision. Instead, think twice before any collaboration and consider the pros and cons of it first. It takes a lot to earn an entire fan base's trust all over again and the worst part of it is that if it’s lost once, it could be lost for good.

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